Green Packaging Options

WorldCentric – Compostable Food Packaging

With growing restrictions on single-use disposables, more sustainable choices are in demand. WorldCentric is committed to innovating compostable, plant-based materials and packaging to help reduce the environmental impact of the foodservice industry on the planet. 

  • Thoughtfully designed trays for takeout at sporting events and concerts made from unbleached plant fiber, designed to replace polystyrene and plastic trays that create waste and are not recyclable. 
  • Bamboo, sugarcane bagasse, and wheat straw fibers can be used to make sustainable alternatives to polystyrene and plastic tableware. 
  • Fiber foodservice trays are made from unbleached plant fiber with a bio-based lamination where indicated. 

One~three Compartment Fiber Clamshell

24, 48, 64 oz food trays

60 oz Food Tray with Lid

26~95 oz Take-Out Container

7″~9″ Hinged Clamshell Clear

8~64 oz Rectangular Deli Container

Weber Snack Bag – To-go Sandwich Packaging

Weber Packaging Solutions‘ Greenwise Programis an effort to challenge professionals in the packaging industry to become more observant, knowledgeable, and committed towards greater environmental stewardship. Weber offers several sustainable label products, including renewable films and papers, 100 percent post-consumer waste papers, dissolvable and repulpable papers, soy-based inks, and more. 

The Snack Bag from Weber is environmentally friendly and sustainable, with fully recyclable and compostable options available. The Snack Bag Fifty Fifty Glassine is made entirely from sustainable and renewable raw materials. All Snack Bag paper is FSC certified and the stock kraft Snack Bag can be labeled or special ordered with custom printing. 


SNACK BAG Fifty Fifty/ White Nature


SNACK BAG Fifty Pure Paper



Cube Packaging has been providing premium quality, Reusable, Polypropylene plastic containers to the Foodservice industry for over 15 years. Cube is committed to sustainability and ensuring that they deliver the most environmentally friendly, high-quality plastic containers that are designed for durability, reuse, and recyclability.  




IML Thermoformed Cardboard Trays

Thermoformed cardboard trays from IML are a green alternative to plastic or foam trays. Following a trend in Europe to eliminate single use plastics, these cardboard trays are sustainable, functional, and customizable. Reduce your plastic use by up to 80% with this tray.

The cardboard tray excels in preserving taste, ensuring ease of use, and presenting products beautifully. Microwaveable, oven-safe, and freezer friendly, with barrier options including PP, PET, and Kraft. Available in a variety of different designs, including light, dark and patterns with personalized printing options available.

Square Cardboard Tray

Rectangular Cardboard Tray

Rectangular Cardboard Tray

Square Cardboard Tray

Rectangular Cardboard Trays

Rectangular Cardboard Trays

Bosquet Wood Packaging

Bosquet specializes in thermoformed and thermoglued wood packaging, making it possible to present your product inside a natural package. The poplar raw material is produced from sustainably managed forests from fast growing trees. By using wooden food packaging, your final product not only has an upscale appearance with a natural look and feel, but also sends an eco-friendly message. Food safe and perfect for ready meals.

Wood Tray for Baking

Wood Tray for Food

Wood Tray for Cheese

Wood Tray for Bread

Wood Tray for Food

Rectangular Wood Tray


Lead with Green using EcoMAX Care, a 100% sustainable packing solution.

EcoMAX Care is 100% biodegradable and curbside recyclable packing solution with no plastic or binders. It has better shock absorption than bubble wrap and zero plastic packing waste. Designed for refrigerated and frozen goods, EcoMAX Care can absorb up to 12x its weight to protect against leaks with good insulating power against extreme temperatures. This is truly a fully sustainable packing solution that offers superior performance.

ecoMAX® Care Retail Roll 12″ X 25′

ecoMAX® Care Dispenser Box

ecoMAX® Care Expandable Protective Packaging

ecoMAX® Care Stock Roll

ecoMAX® Care Stock Roll

ecoMAX® Care Retail Roll

For more information about these great to-go packaging options, contact Packaging Resources at 708-447-7834 or email us at

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