We develop smart packaging ideas through our integrated partnerships to create opportunities and potential for our customers. We also deliver cost-effective, creative packaging solutions for the food packaging and food service markets, including distributors and end-users.

We are a food packaging resource network with a team that delivers packaging solutions.


Product range:

Hinged foam containers and drinkware
Hinged containers and dinnerware products made from sugarcane.
Plastic souffle cups, drink cups, and take out containers
Janitorial & Maintenance Supply
Food safe film wrap and can liners
Double wall lined hot coffee cups
Wide range of microwaveable take-out food containers with branding ability
Innovative thermoformed plastic containers made from recycled bottles.
High quality, innovative party supplies and catering solutions
Plastic cups and containers to meet all your party needs

Bosquet Naturals

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Snack Bag

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Thermo Future Box

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