Bosquet® is a North American company that specializes in thermoformed and thermoglued wood packaging, making it possible to present your product inside a natural package.

The popular raw material is produced from sustainably managed forests. By using wooden food packaging, your final product not only has an upscale appearance with a natural look and feel, but also sends an eco-friendly message.

We offer unique labeling decoration options such as wood burning, typography, wood tinting, and hot stamping. Our wooden packaging can also be lined with parchment paper or plastic for your specific needs.

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Upscale look
Differentiates and enhances your products
Agri-food and non-food industries
Earth friendly
Compatible for Film Heat Seal
Poplar wood safe for food contact
Standard and custom wood packaging Options
Thermoglued for cooking and baking
Over 70 years of experience in the wood packaging industry
Presence in over 20 countries
We own and control poplar plantations and the supplies needed for production
Environmental and Quality approach
Factories and printing plants in Europe, North America and South America, and Asia.


We have a wide range of thermoformed wooden trays in many sizes and shapes. Our trays are available with parchment paper lining if requested.


This range of wooden trays is specially designed for conventional and microwave oven purposes. Our trays are available with or without PET coating.

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