Cleaning Wipes

Franny’s Meal Prep Wipes – Wet Wipes for Clean Hands!


Add the extra protection of a disinfecting wipe to your delivery and carry-out orders for your customers and staff. Franny’s disposable wipes are wet cleaning wipes that tackle the stubborn germs, bacteria and dirt on your hands and on surfaces.

Franny’s antiseptic wet wipes are designed to clean hands and disinfect surfaces. These antibacterial wet wipes give the extra bit of security everyone is looking for today. Easy to use, and perfect for take-out meals, delivery, or outdoor dining.

Stay safe and secure with Franny!

Custom prints available starting at 200m. Call 708-447-7834 for quotes today!

Convenient pack
Hygienic, alcohol-free sanitizing
Kills 99.99% of most germs
Use warm or cool
Perfect for cleaning and freshening
Custom printing available*
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Take Out

Franny's Meal Prep Wipes for Take Out


Food Delivery

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dinning

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