Snacks Are No Longer a Meal Spoiler

People’s perceptions of snacking are shifting. It’s no longer considered a bad thing to snack. Ninety-one percent of people say they snack daily, according to Nielsen.


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In fact, it seems as if snacks are being viewed as a way to eat sensibly. Healthy snacks seem to be the cause of the shift. The snack market expects continued growth (projected increase of 5% by 2018). Where is the growth coming from?

Snacks are now seen as a way to get healthy ingredients into our diet. Treats with nutritional benefits are being promoted more and consumers are responding. Protein-rich snacks like jerky and nuts continue to see growth. Health conscious consumers that are active and into exercise like these kinds of snacks.


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Also three meals a day may be a thing of the past. The new way to eat involves a “grazing” approach. Busy lifestyles force people to eat on the go and snacks seem to be benefiting from the convenience factor. People want to grab and go, so snacks like nuts, dried fruits and bars that are easily portable are more popular. High protein nutrition bars and snacks made with Greek yogurt also appeal to the health conscious consumer.

Convenience is also importance to consumers and snacks fit well into that trend. More than 60% indicate that portability is an important or extremely important factor when choosing a snack.

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