Asian Food Pho Is Growing Among Fast Casual Restaurants

Asian food, particularly pho, is gaining in popularity, especially in the fast casual arena. New and trendy foods always get noticed, and Asian food is leading the way in that area and showing solid growth. For proof, consider these numbers: Technomic profiled 11 fast casual Asian/noodle concepts that saw $2.7 billion in sales from 2,273 units, a 23% sales growth and a 14% unit growth over two years’ time. The increased interest in Asian Food is due primarily to four factors:*

  • Unique flavor profile – Asian foods, especially pho, offer flavor variety across the board with fresh and unique tastes
  • Primarily healthy options – The Asian menu is composed of mostly proteins and vegetables. It’s low fat, gluten-free and heart-healthy
  • Customization – Diners can customize their orders very easily
  • Portability – Asian food is well suited for take out, delivery and catering

One Asian food in particular is getting a lot of attention and could grow rapidly, especially as a fast casual dining option. Pho, a Vietnamese soup that is made up of steaming hot broth with rice noodles and vegetables, is suddenly gaining in popularity and restaurants specifically devoted to pho are cropping up more and more. What is pho? The core of pho is a beef broth that is simmered with onions and herbs (although there are chicken and vegetarian versions in the US). Once the broth is ready traditional Asian ingredients such as bean sprouts, scallions, cilantro and chilies are added to the broth. Additional vegetables are often added in at the table for individuals to customize according to their preference. Experts and food aficionados predict that pho will continue to gain popularity and gain devotees. Pho is a great comfort food plus it’s full of flavor, healthy and inexpensive. The potential for growth is huge.** Our SKP black plastic soup bowl with a combo packed clear lid is perfect for pho. Visit for more information about the SKP product line. * **

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