Food Packaging Trends for 2015 – Part Two

Now onto the second part of our look at food packaging trends for 2015.*

Hand Drawn Logos and Labeling
The emergence of unique, hand drawn logos and labeling on packaged food items is a result of social media. Social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, more easily allow food brands to have personalities. Packaging the products in this way adds a human touch and suggests there is a face behind the brand.

Hand Drawn Logos and Labeling Trend

Ultra-functional Packaging
Another trend beginning to take off is packaging that offers the consumer additional uses after they bring the product home. For example, a corrugated wine caddy may turn into a small, countertop wine rack. Or take out packaging might turn into a recyclable plate. The possibilities are numerous – and redefine value-added.

Using Design to Differentiate Flavor
Another trend gaining steam is packaging design being used to differentiate flavor or variety changes. The design is used to unify the brand, but color changes or photo swaps identify different products in the brand line. The look is cohesive and smart, and further promotes the brand in the marketplace.

Using Design to Differentiate Flavor

Kraft Paper and Wooden Packaging
With sustainable packaging continuing to gain in importance and demand, Kraft paper and wooden packaging are also being used more and more to package food products. Kraft paper in particular has high elasticity, high tear resistance, and is recyclable, making it a great option for food. Kraft paper and wooden packaging are also environmentally friendly. Organic food processors in particular are driving the use of these materials, and increasing their popularity.

Wooden Food Packaging


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