Stylish, Disposable Plates and Bowls

Stylish, Disposable Plates and Bowls: A Clear Catering Favorite

Catering service is on the rise according to QSR Magazine online. Not only are established restaurant owners expanding their business to include a catering option to their customers, but also new catering businesses have shown significant growth in 2010.
Now many caterers are choosing disposable tableware as an alternative to traditional plates and bowls to control cost and increase their convenience.
You can serve dinner, dessert and salads with plates and bowls that stand out without sacrificing style. These modern-looking plates and bowls are all designed with a distinctive wave shape that adds a distinguished look and feel to your food presentation.
Not only do plates and bowls make fine table settings, they are also available with corresponding clear PET dome plastic lids for easy take out. Your concern of convenience, cost and food clarity make these plates, bowls and lids a clear choice for caterers. Available in 6.5″ Dessert Plate (fit with 6.5″ PET Dome Lid), 8″ Salad Plate (fit with 8″ PET Dome Lid), 9.5″ and 10.75″ Dinner Plates (fit with 9.5″ PET Dome Lid and 10.75″ PET Dome Lid). This line also includes 5 oz and 12 oz bowls (fit with 5 oz PET Dome Lid and 12 oz PET Dome Lid.)
Catering Plates and Bowls Info to Know:

  • All dome lids are made from clear PET plastic
  • Each lid is designed to fit the wave shape of its corresponding base to ensure a proper fit and fine presentation
  • Plates and bowls are all available in white, black, ivory and clear
  • Plates and bowls are stackable, reusable and 100% recyclable


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