Wood Cheese Boxes Are the Original Green Solution for your Food Product

Everyone loves the charm and style of our wood cheese boxes for cheese and other food products. Not only do they promote the food inside in an attractive and eye-catching way, they truly offer a green solution for food packaging. These wood cheese boxes come in various shapes and sizes and accommodate several printing techniques, including typography, pad printing, pyrography and wood dye.

The boxes can also be laminated with greaseproof, plastic film (PE, PP, PET). Depending on the assembly, the boxes are also ovenable and microwaveable.

Artisan made food products such as cheese and sandwiches need a packaging solution that reflects the care and quality put into the food products. Our wood cheese boxes are a perfect way to package your product. Why not package your locally made cheese or to-go sandwiches in a wood cheese box that shows your customers that you care about the environment.



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