Summertime is here! Pack your to-go foods in SKP deli containers


Summer is here and barbeques, cook-outs, and parties are on the calendar. Your customers will be adding salads and slaw to their menus. Send them home with our best-selling SKP deli-line container. SKP will showcase your deli items but won’t leak or spill. These take out containers are stackable, microwaveable, and recyclable. Our SKP Deli Line is space efficient and cost effective for takeout and carryout businesses.

Versatile and Dependable

These carry out food containers are perfect for takeout hot or cold food such as salads, pasta, fruit, dips, snacks, and more. The SKP deli line offers clear packaging in three convenient sizes: 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz. Made from Polypropylene (#5), these containers are 100% Recyclable and are FDA graded for food.

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