Five Easy Ways Foil Wraps Up Picnic Sales

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Summer is finally here! Let’s enjoy the sun while we can. Is there a better way to celebrate summer than with a picnic? Here are our top five favorite foods for a picnic and the best way to package them:

Hot dogs and Hamburgers

Who doesn’t love foil wrapped hot dogs and hamburgers at a picnic? Wrap hot dogs in foil after heating them.  They “steam” in the foil, making the buns warm and soft when you get ready to eat them. Keep hamburgers fresh in foil wraps so they are easy to handle and serve.


Making sandwiches for your picnic? Keep foil wraps handy so that packing sandwiches into your picnic basket is quick and easy.

Corn on the Cob

Craving corn on the cob? Try slathering the corn with butter, seasoning it with salt, then using a foil wraps to get it ready for the grill.

Foil Packets

Are you picnicking at a campsite? Everyone loves food cooked in a foil packet. Just grab two or three foil wraps, layer them, and add in your food. Potatoes and onions, along with butter and spices, make foil packets and pair really well with grilled steak or chicken.

Tacos and Burritos

Add a spicier flair to your picnic with tacos and burritos! The best way to serve this meal on the go? Foil wraps! Sturdy foil wraps keep tacos and burritos hot and prevent leaks and drips.

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Our versatile SKP foil rolls and wraps can handle just about any picnic food with ease, allowing you a worry-free day to enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. Check out the full line of SKP foil products at


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