KangaBox Insulated Food Carrier a Green Choice – Made From EPP Expanded Polypropylene

The KangaBox Insulated Food Carrier gives your catering operation a green alternative to traditional thermobox and coolers. KangaBoxes are made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), a plastic foam material that is exceptionally eco-friendly, flexible and versatile.*  Today’s customer is more environmentally conscious than ever before and an eco-friendly or green choice is a key factor in many catering decisions. EPP is not plastic covered – it is actually made out of small plastic beads. This means the KangaBox is 100% recyclable. EPP manufacturing requires no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), chlorofluorocarbon or other environmentally damaging compounds, adding to its eco-friendly profile.*

Another EPP feature is exceptional heating and cooling due to EPP’s thermal insulation properties. EPP is also designed for lightweight applications, which makes it perfect for the ultra lightweight KangaBox, another advantage that KangaBox has over its bulky and heavy competitors.

* Source: www.epp.com

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