SKP Soup Bowls Contain Your Hot Soup and Pasta in a Cost-Effective and Eye-Catching Way

They say appearance is everything. Don’t you want your take out soup, pasta and rice dishes to be freshly preserved yet attractively presented in an eye-catching way? Your product is top quality – shouldn’t you have the same quality for your packaging yet at an affordable price? Consider our best-selling SKP soup bowls. Our SKP disposable soup bowls and soup containers are versatile and convenient, and are space efficient and cost effective. Perfect for hot foods such as soups, pasta, take-out, and rice.

Re-usable and durable, these bowls have handles, are stackable, can be placed in the microwave and freezer, and both the base and lid are 100% recyclable. Sold in cases of 300 (combo set with a clear lid). Sizes available range from 12 oz, 16 oz, 22 oz, 28 oz, and 40 oz.


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