Sterling King Products Aluminum Foil Sheets, Rolls and Pans

Sterling King Products aluminum foil sheets, rolls and pans save time and cost

Aluminum foil is one of the most convenient assets to take out food businesses. As a versatile, ovenable and recyclable food packaging material, foil wrap and pans keep foods warm and easy to reheat when the consumer gets home.
Sterling King Products aluminum foil line provides different kinds of foil food packaging to suit particular foodservices. The colorful boxes are wipeable, easy to clean and prevent smudges and stains.
Nine and 12 inch aluminum foil pop up sheets and 12 and 18 inch aluminum foil rolls are recommended for caterers and institutions with a set menu that will require a specific size for their food, like sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, and tacos. Cooks and chefs can save time and take only what they need from the pre-cut box to wrap their food. Because foil in this box is interfolded, the foil sheets can be grabbed quickly for each item. Foodservice professionals can also choose heavy duty or standard aluminum foil.
Foil pans, paired with laminated paperboard lids, are a traditional and convenient item with a 7 or 9 inch shape and easy to close seal. Sterling King Products foil pans are transportable and retain heat, a winning combination of qualities for carry out packaging.
By saving time and labor with sturdy and functional aluminum foil packaging, caterers are more free to focus on customers and on enhancing their food presentation.

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