SKP Foil Pop-Ups Leads Market with Box Design


A coated corrugated box design makes the SKP Foil Pop-Up box the best box on the market. This box works better in a deli and food service environment, since it withstands the daily spills and messes that cause other boxes to flake apart and buckle. The boxes also add a colorful and bright presence to the kitchen, with their easy-to-spot profile and design. In addition to its box design, these pop-ups are an economical solution to the demands of your food service and restaurant operation. So save money and keep your kitchen operating smoothly with the SKP foil pop-ups. These easy to dispense pop-ups are available in two sizes – 9” pop up sheets, 475 per case and 12” pop up sheets, 475 per case. Both sizes are packed six boxes to a case. Check out our full line of SKP foil products at

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