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Sterling King Products Foil Pop-Ups Stand Up to Food Service Demands

In a busy food service kitchen, Sterling King Products foil pop-ups are used in a variety of ways. How about wrapping baked potatoes to accompany a steak dinner? Or wrapping tacos and burritos? Burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs can all be wrapped in foil pop-ups to stay warm and fresh. Foil pop-ups are a necessary food service packaging item –

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SKP Foil Pop-Ups Leads Market with Box Design

  A coated corrugated box design makes the SKP Foil Pop-Up box the best box on the market. This box works better in a deli and food service environment, since it withstands the daily spills and messes that cause other boxes to flake apart and buckle. The boxes also add a colorful and bright presence to the kitchen, with their easy-to-spot

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