Janitorial Maintenance


Introducing the Kutol No Touch Counter Mount Soap Dispenser: The Ultimate Solution for Hand Hygiene

Maintaining proper hand hygiene is more important than ever, and Kutol offers innovative solutions to promote cleanliness and safety. The Kutol No Touch Counter Mount Soap Dispenser is a powerful and efficient dispenser designed to make hand hygiene easy and convenient. Key features of the Kutol No Touch Counter Mount Soap Dispenser include: Powerful Motor: The dispenser is equipped with

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Choose Wisely: Why Foam Hand Soap is the Smart Solution for Your Facility

When it comes to hand soap, making the right choice for your facility can have a significant impact on both your budget and cleanliness. Some restaurants opt for healthcare-grade hand soap, assuming it’s the best option, but there’s a cost-effective alternative that not only keeps hands clean but also reduces messes. Foam hand soap has emerged as the preferred choice for numerous establishments, offering a cleaner

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Do You Know Why Facilities Aren’t Cleaned More Often?

Cleaning is hard work, that’s why buildings are not cleaned more often. Commonly required at off hours, most heavy cleaning must be done quickly and quietly. Interfering with the experience of customers, employees, or guests is not ideal. Most frequent cleaning tasks must be accomplished very quickly. Facility managers are short staffed, now more so than ever before, yet facilities

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