Do You Know Why Facilities Aren’t Cleaned More Often?

Cleaning is hard work, that’s why buildings are not cleaned more often. Commonly required at off hours, most heavy cleaning must be done quickly and quietly. Interfering with the experience of customers, employees, or guests is not ideal. Most frequent cleaning tasks must be accomplished very quickly.

Facility managers are short staffed, now more so than ever before, yet facilities must be maintained at an even greater level, with special attention being paid to surface disinfection and hand hygiene. Efficiency and productivity must be maximized to achieve cleaning standards and maintain healthy environments. As innovation occurs, it deserves to be explored. More must be done with less.

Facility Cleaning

Many long-accepted cleaning tools and practices are well overdue for reconsideration, and facility managers owe it to their personnel to equip them with the best tools. The janitorial/sanitation industry has come a long way from the days of cotton deck mops, vacuum bags, and using Murphy’s Oil Soap or powdered Comet everywhere, and those tasked with daily cleaning need better tools. We now expect environmentally friendly cleaning products, sustainable and reusable materials, and touch free dispensers. Modernization of cleaning tools, cleaning products, and processes, simply must adapt with the best available current practices.

Cleaning personnel proved to be some of the most essential workers in our modern economy over the past two years, and we owe it to them to outfit them with the tools to enable them to work the best they can. Generally known as a position that experiences high turnover, it makes sense to provide these integral workers with easy to learn, safe, efficient, and ergonomic products to enhance job satisfaction. If we expect our environmental services workers to keep our indoor environment in the best shape possible, they deserve to have the best tools available.

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