Sterling King Products Foil Pop-Ups Stand Up to Food Service Demands

In a busy food service kitchen, Sterling King Products foil pop-ups are used in a variety of ways. How about wrapping baked potatoes to accompany a steak dinner? Or wrapping tacos and burritos? Burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs can all be wrapped in foil pop-ups to stay warm and fresh. Foil pop-ups are a necessary food service packaging item – and quality counts as much as cost.

Good quality at a low cost

Top quality at an affordable price – this defines the Sterling King Products brand. Our pop-ups are strong, durable and easy to handle and use. The pop-ups are inner folder – one sheet is folded inside another – so the pop-ups work all the way to the bottom sheet. Sterling King Products foil pop-ups can withstand the demands of your food service kitchen. But we know that your margins are getting squeezed all the time. So our foil pop-ups are reasonably priced. Rest assured – you don’t have to sacrifice quality when buying our affordable foil pop-ups.

Well-designed packaging

Sterling King Products foil pop-ups feature heavy duty packaging that is water repellent, unlike our competitors. Their boxes are made from cheap chipboard that is porous. When it gets wet, it turns soggy and becomes unsanitary. Wet boxes can harbor contamination – a bad idea for a food environment.

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