Gourmet Gorilla Delivers Lunches in KangaBox Food Carriers

Chicago company Gourmet Gorilla is getting some well-deserved attention with its mission to provide locally grown, preservative-free, balanced and nutritious meals to Illinois and Wisconsin schoolchildren. These school lunches are made daily from scratch and are leading the way in healthy food for kids that is both good and good for them. Transporting these lunches in a safe and secure way, which keeps food at the correct temperature, is an important part of Gourmet Gorilla’s day.


Enter the KangaBox Thermobox, a food carrier whose features make transporting food easy and safe. The KangaBox has multiple, convenient sizes that are all stackable, and ultra-light. The rounded corners plus ergonomically-shaped handles make for easy handling. Lids are tight fitting, so the KangaBox will be keep cold food cold and hot food hot. With an impact and scratch-proof surface, these thermoboxes are 100% recyclable since they are made out of Extruded Polypropylene (EPP).  Dishwasher-safe up to 176°, the thermoboxes are both easy to clean and keep clean, an important feature when transporting food. On top of all of these features, the bright colors of the KangaBox are a fresh and eye-catching addition to any food service kitchen. Gourmet Gorilla use the KangaBox Professional Thermobox food carriers for their food transport. Why trust anything else for your food transport?

(Source: Crain’s Chicago Business, February 8, 2014)

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