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Gourmet Gorilla Delivers Lunches in KangaBox Food Carriers

Chicago company Gourmet Gorilla is getting some well-deserved attention with its mission to provide locally grown, preservative-free, balanced and nutritious meals to Illinois and Wisconsin schoolchildren. These school lunches are made daily from scratch and are leading the way in healthy food for kids that is both good and good for them. Transporting these lunches in a safe and secure

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Keep Food Fresh With KangaBox Thermal Food Carriers

Keep Cool in Style With a hot and humid summer just around the corner, keeping your food and beverages cool in the sweltering temperatures will be top priority. Enter KangaBox Thermal Insulated Food Carriers, a super lightweight expanded polypropylene (EPP) solution to your fresh food challenges. It’s a reusable and durable cooler with an easy-to-clean surface, and is 100% recyclable.

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