SKP Plastic Soup Bowls: A Recipe for Take Out Success

Jon Pazona is the owner of Crisp Restaurant in Chicago, a popular restaurant serving Korean American fusion food. When taking stock of his to go food packaging requirements, he looked for a plastic take out bowl that could be reheated and delivered without breaking or spilling. His search led to a soup bowl from Sterling King Products that had both qualities.

“(Using the bowls) has been great,” Jon says. “They have been extremely versatile and the lid seals completely.”

Jon’s business serves both in dine in and take out food and he is always keen to keep operating costs low. “Being cost-effective is obviously a big part of what we’re looking for.”

The microwaveable and affordable Sterling King Products soup bowl improved his business in unexpected ways.

“The clear plastic snap on lid has been absolutely spectacular for our number one item, the Big Boy Buddha dish,” he says. Even putting in hot white rice does not cause the bowl to melt and protects the integrity of the dish. John uses the B28 and B40 to suit different serving sizes.

The reusability of the bowl is also an important selling point.

Once customers have purchased their take out food, the packaging can still have an impact on his return business. Jon says customers have found value in the soup bowls even after leaving the store.

“Customers reuse the bowls … they bring them to work and reheat it,” he says.

The restaurant’s food and atmosphere have won distinction from several publications, including Rachael, the Chicago Tribune and TimeOut Chicago. The word of mouth impact is overwhelmingly positive, Pazona says, and shows the genuine impression customers have about a unique urban restaurant.

“It’s the biggest compliment we get,” Jon says of the expansive range of customers who come through the door. “We don’t really have a target market; it’s nice to see a diverse group.”

Crisp’s menu includes many Korean dishes served in nontraditional ways that challenge customers’ expectations and helps bring Korean food to the mainstream. The growing popularity of Crisp and the appetite for new food experiences promise a healthy business and a bright outlook.

“I’d like to continue to serve our favorite food and serve very health conscious meals,” Jon says. Using an SKP soup bowl as a food packaging solution for his most popular dishes “makes the serving experience perfect every time.”

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