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New Pulp Restaurant Take Out Containers from Darnel Are Sustainable and Green

Sustainability and green packaging are leading the way in the latest trends in food service packaging. According to statistics compiled by Mintel, a global market research firm, 42% of consumers say they seek a foodservice establishment that supports the environment by recycling or using biodegradable containers or serving dishes. During the recent National Restaurant Show in Chicago, the majority of

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It’s Summertime! Pack your to-go foods in SKP deli and take out containers

Summer is here and barbeques, cook-outs, and parties are on the calendar. Your customers will be buying up lots of salads and slaw. Send them home with our leading Sterling King Products (SKP) trusted deli-line container that will showcase your deli items but won’t leak or spill. These take out containers are stackable, microwaveable, and recyclable. Sterling King Products Deli

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SKP Plastic Soup Bowls: A Recipe for Take Out Success

Jon Pazona is the owner of Crisp Restaurant in Chicago, a popular restaurant serving Korean American fusion food. When taking stock of his to go food packaging requirements, he looked for a plastic take out bowl that could be reheated and delivered without breaking or spilling. His search led to a soup bowl from Sterling King Products that had both

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