Sustainable Packaging Alternatives Gaining More Attention

Many companies are beginning to refocus on sustainable packaging alternatives looking for more sustainable options to offer their customers. This has been further driven by new laws in Europe banning single use plastics entirely and new legislation in the United States. In New Jersey, beginning in 2024, recycled content will be required in many types of products. Rigid plastic containers will need to contain a minimum of 10% PCR content, carryout bags will require at least 20% PCR, and plastic beverage containers will need to contain a minimum of 15% PCR content.

There are several new alternatives that are being developed to meet the changing demand for both on shelf products, such as food containers, and for trash liners and films.

Post-Consumer Recycled Content(PCR): Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics refers to plastics that have completed its lifecycle and are then recycled, collected, and ultimately remanufactured into new products.

• PET: PET containers can contain up to 100% PCR material. This is the most commonly recycled plastic as all drink bottles are made from this material.
• Polypropylene(PP): PCR PP is new to the market as there have been constrains on the raw material up to this point however material availability is improving.
• Linear Load Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) – commonly used in can liners, shrink film etc

Bio Based Resins

• Bio Based Resins are derived from organic materials such as plants instead of crude oil based.

Reusable Packaging

• New companies are working with manufacturers to collect and sanitize packaging so it can be re-used. The goal of reusable packaging items, whether it be a product at the grocery store or a fast-food restaurant, is to be able to reuse the product at least 50 times. There are numerous regional companies partnering with food manufacturers and packaging companies to develop a system to make reusable packaging more widely available.

Cellulose: Compostable packaging derived from wood fibers

• More and more companies are looking for packaging options in cellulose products to offer a compostable alternative to their consumers. Technology is rapidly advancing in this field and we will see more and more products on the store shelf in cellulose in the coming years.

We work with a network of manufacturers specializing in the above options and we would be happy to help you meet your sustainable packaging goals.


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