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Packaging Resources Celebrating 25 Years of Growth and Success

Countryside, IL | May 1, 2024   Packaging Resources Inc. (PRI), a leader in solutions for the packaging and janitorial and sanitation industry, proudly commemorates its 25-year anniversary. Founded in 1999, Packaging Resources has been delivering cost-effective, creative results for the Food Processor, Food Service, and Institutional Cleaning markets through integrated partnerships. With extensive years of industry experience and knowledge, our team

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Make Your Brand Stand Out with Unique Food Packaging: Choose the Right Packaging Partner

In the competitive food industry, having unique and eye-catching packaging can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Choosing the right packaging partner is essential to achieving this goal. At Packaging Resources Inc, we specialize in helping brands create exceptional packaging solutions that leave a lasting impression.  Product Network:  Our extensive product network allows us to offer a wide

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